Coming Up...

October 2018:  Teresa is shooting Sam and the Silver Medala new feature film by Alex Haney!
Teresa is performing her original poetry in a one night slam — stay tuned for more details!

Teresa is someone you want on your team. After growing up an athlete from the suburbs of Boston, receiving her BFA From BU's prestigious School of Theatre, and hopping across the pond to study at LAMDA, she hurdled into New York City to share her passion for telling stories and being a member of a collaborative ensemble. She is passionate about continuing to hone her craft while working in theatre, film, and television. Above all, she believes in the power of vulnerability and finding compassion and empathy for those whose experiences are different from her own.

When she isn't performing, she has a passion for fantasy football, millennium rap music, and nurturing her baby bonsai tree. As a female activist and poet, she is also passionate about given women and trauma victims a voice and a platform to share their stories and empower each other through their art. She will always have a good book on hand, an excellent gif to throw into your texting conversations, and wise words of advice to offer in the form of Rihanna song lyrics!